What is the CyBEE?

The CyBEE is a state-of-the-art HR Social Platform, which provides employers service of reference check of their employees from our endorsement platform which applies AI, Big data, blockchain technology. We not only use many core logical rules to increase trust between employees and employees, employers and employees, institutions and employees, but also create many special rules to detect possible dishonesty. Those rules would enables employers to trust the information of employees which is provided by the CyBEE. And YES, we will change the employers’ traditional ways, help them save a lot of time in recruitment, and bring suitable employees straight to them.

Moreover, our creativity  goes to building other supportive systems for all sides; for example, an employment marketplace which applies an AI Optimal Algorithm to improve outcomes day by day; OR a platform, using a smart contract, for freelancers who want to undertake projects independently or even build up a team to get their jobs done; OR EVEN MORE, users can build up their own virtual companies to establish and deliver real ONLINE services to their clients, which is borderless and global, no tax, uncensored, and can use  the crypto currency and our EPR system for daily business operation. Each virtual company will have a globally unique identification number and a guaranteed bond to start its business and all the agreements/ transactions will have smart contracts to protect the clients.

To help employees develop the career-path, we build the Career-path-development guiding & training system, which works based on the analysis of strengths, goals, etc. of employees and use AI to suggest the suitable training courses for what they lack or need to improve to reach their goals in the future.

The CyBEE also can provide a labor market insights report to employees, employers and macroeconomics policy makers to help them understand the market and thoroughly know their market  values, which would enable them to play the right role in the right position and values.

With the issued token (Cybs), we would like to provide a way to help user increase profit through the endorsement activities, or do investment trading on CEXs/ DEXs where our token is listed.

We have very long-term strategies and big goals to be the BEST in CLASS. So, what are you waiting for? Please join our HIVE to be one of our BEEs, a cyber of smart and hard-working bees. Join us to build a better and brighter future!

Road map

Cybee Social Group has been established 

Developing the CyBEE, an AI & blockchain professional social network platform, which can provide a HR Reference Check service to Employers without any further action as a traditional HR Reference checking we have been doing for decades. Time to change your way NOW, let us bring the excellent employees straight to you


Entering the market, VC fund raising 

...and develop more functions: employment marketplaces, freelance team, virtual company, labor market insights, smart career-path-development guiding system and so much more ...


SPAC fund raising, might be listed on Nasdaq, and ..

CyBEE Functions

Jobs Listing

To help the Employers do job listings, and finding the right candiates.

Endorsements - blockchain based

When doing the endorsments, users can ean tokens by paid endorsment program.

HRM Cloud  Software

We provide our HRM on the cloud for enterprises using daily to run their biz.

CV database- blockchain based

we provide the global database of candidates for the company worldwide 

HR training-  Elearning

We help users to build their career path base on the streghts, goals,.. and make it to be real

Labor Market Insights

We provide information about the labor market for employee, employers and macroeconomics policy makers.

Token Information

Cybee tokens (CyBs) will be issued using ERC-20 standard on AVAX blockchain with advanced functions (burning, minting, locking, pausing etc)

Issuance date


Total supply

369,000,000 tokens

Announcement date


Start selling


Token Wallet Distribution

Foundation Wallet
Incentives (KOL, Advisory)
Legal Activities
Charity  Wallet

Token Sale Plan

Private ICO plan for Angel investors only

Phase 1: Development                                                                                                                $0.01 per Cybs token

Phase 2: Market testing, market acquisition, VC fund raising,..                                          $0.1 per Cybs token

Please see our roadmap for announcements of future phases and developments

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